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Our twin souls

Twin Souls rarely incarnate together, only on special occasions. So I am referencing the times of Jesus as a special occasion. There were 144 blessed; 72 women, 72 men. Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and Mary being 3 of them. And there are many descendants which I am graciously finding as they are sent to me. I am lucky to be one of those souls. My twin soul visits me often, I am fortunate to have him by my side in all that I do. Its surreal as well because I do not have him here physically, this time around.

I am in the car, I was on my way to the bank, I had just got back from a walk on the beach. It is a beautiful day, when I start to channel and I hear my twin send me some personal messages. A few love songs as well. He tells me, I hope you don’t mind the interruption, he was reminding me who I am, what I mean to him and that he loves me. Its Bitter sweet. He even asked what he could do for me because he loves me. I make a few requests that would make my life more comfortable on earth. He is taking care of everything and I am grateful to my love on the other side as we are “one”.
I remember some time ago, when I first hit ascension I believe he was channeling me and allowing me to remember US, I had this love for him and I was thinking why am I thinking this, was it my brain fantasizing, that was my logical brain trying to make sense of this new information. But as I became more spiritually awake I know I wasnt.
Just today he popped in for a visit in my room. I woke up crying, he was there and I said I remember who you are and what you mean to me. I was sad and happy at the same time. My beloved twin soul, all of you who have met or encountered your twin, can relate to what I am talking about. Its surreal because you are here on earth with someone else, yet your twin is in the other dimension. How can you resolve this, you cant because you are on earth. Then to confirm it I had posted on fb that “I am happy that my soul group is awake”. One person responds with this, a scripture ( in john) in the bible that talks about twin souls and that we are one, simply amazing.

I was thinking about that and I wondered would I even care to come back if given the choice. Im not sure I would choose to return to earth. I now understand why I had a hard time feeling like I connected with anyone throughout my life and why I feel so homesick…I finally get it. There were so many years why I wondered why do I feel this way at least now, I know why. For a logical thinker like me we like to know why.
Sometimes I think of my existence here on earth and I think why am I here; away from my twin. Yet I know the answer already it is to bring the light, love, peace and truth to the world. I know my job isn’t done here, in fact I am barely beginning.

Your soul sister,

D. Nefertiti

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Messages from the Other Side.

Messages from the other side, in perfect TIME!

Message 1:

Sometimes I am truly amazed of all the messages I get and how closely I am guided. I am very grateful for this. I can remember when I didn’t see or hear or know the obvious. I do hope you all work on your path so you can discern the messages being sent to you.

Today I was being challenged after being rejected on something earthly that I wanted….a wish so to speak.The reason for me not getting it was a stupid one, people rules that really don’t make sense for all. Since its personal, I’m not going to disclose it.

Yet I went to Costco to have a hotdog. Actually I feel the Angels led me there, as I write this I hear a tap..and I hear YES. well I’m walking up to buy my HOt dog. Then I’m feeling a little disillusioned about not being approved. And I read a sign that talks about gifts from Heaven being hidden. That’s exactly what i need to see/hear today. To remind me to keep the hope.

Message 2

I recently applied at a business, I was wondering the status of the application, while at the gym, as i go upstairs i see a guy is wearing their LOGO shirt. crazy huh, I need to follow up. WOW.

Message #3

Today I took out my Mother Mary pendant, I was in line. And I what came to me was the lady that gave me this knew me from before, a past life or from heaven- somehow. That was the message. At that moment, the little boy in line said about the little girl trying to talk to him, She thinks she knows me., mommy. How about that for Timing?

LOOK FOR SIGNS, they are everywhere and your angel guide will try to get you to see them, feel them and hear them. Especially if you ask them for help.



Moon Mother


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