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My View on Religion

It is not a requirement to worship or praise your God any more than is it a requirement “to love” someone. I think most people who still follow today’s religions should remember that God needs “no” defending and he does not require you to praise or even to remember him, thats how amazing and loving GOD is.

One should hold and have “that” respect in their heart for their creator but God allows us the freedom to explore ourselves and the planet to act as we choose.

I know most religions want you to believe their is great consequence for not following their earthly doctrine or for not praising GOD but that simply is not true. It isn’t like that. We do create our own Karma so to speak and this is when we do things to others, on mistake or on purpose, where we get the situation returned to us, to learn a lesson.

Although Humans should act within the divine laws of the soul. They should treat each other with same mutual respect they would with their spouse, their mother or the one they love the most. We should have enough courtesy and love in our hearts to respect one another, not to rip each other off, be belittling, act jealously or disgraceful to each other. Do what is “just”.

I know many of us will have different interpretations of this, but deep in your soul you all know what “JUST” looks like, you do. And you know how you should treat others. And if you contantly have troubles with others and when in conflict; then simply pretend you are the other person and act accordingly. Many people have titles or money and they think or act like they have some power over you but really neither mean anything and you are as FREE as you allow yourself to be because they have NO REAL POWER.

Also be happy and be delighted, when you actually encounter those who may miss speak but ultimately will share their truth or what they know with you or what they mean. As they could of just told you what you wanted to hear, and that is the greatest injustice of inauthenticity.

D. Nefertiti


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What are Spiritual Experiences Like?

My Daily Spiritual Experiences

Often I channel a lot of information when I am free of worry. So allow yourself peace, rest and even a nap if you really need an answer. Also taking a walk in nature or even mediating usually gives me the answer that I seek. My Angels never fail me, unless I am not to know. Like it isn’t time, that happens as well.

Usually the best time to get clear answers is between sleep and awake. Spirits are great about being around and delivering the messages you need to hear, see or feel. So if you can connect in the morning or before bed…let the information flow to you.

I have seen my Angels in color in this state, my future children and received answered to questions I really was confused about.I can see my Angels 90-95% of the time, their essence floating around. Its pretty cool at least I know I’m not alone anymore. At first it scared me. It happened when I went to Hawaii. Apparently the place is spiritual. So I suggest you go visit a spiritual place near you and pray for this gift.

They also use dreams to deliver messages. Most of the time they are symbolic, so if you have a hard time breaking the code ie figuring out what the dreams meant, send it to me and I’ll tell you.

Every night I have visitors from other planets, they do not scare me because I intuitively know, that I knew most of them before coming here and that is why they visit. One time I had an Andromedean visit, and I asked why are you here, and he said; I didnt want to be the last to come see you. Which was very sweet. Considering my family has no idea how connected I am to the other realm. They would shit their pants if they knew…lol A little Earth humor for you’ll.Especially if your family is not like you.

Yes it is hard to be here some days, when you know you really are from the other side and are just here to carry out Gods purpose. Most of you are still discovering what that is. It can make people like us, very homesick.Because we are use to being next to God & the Angels and now were here on Earth, living this reality. ha ha ha!! In a way it is funny and a joke, because HOME is HEAVEN.

Especially when people who are close to you on Earth, are judgmental, critical, possibly mean and unloving at times. Ive learned to accept that they are not awake, they do not understand, are on a different path and they may not get it, until the day they die. And that’s just how it is. This is when grace comes in. Forgive them for they do not know what they do, like the bible states. And it really applies here.

Love you,


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