What is Unconditional “LOVE”

Soul in Love

Soul in Love

I know sometimes its hard to tell what unconditional LOVE looks and feels like.

With unconditional love you do not have to feel like you need to please the other person EVER, pretend to be someone else or act like their servant because they LOVE you so much they will never ask that of you.

Things that you will have with your soul mate, soul sisters/brothers.

1. trust

2. love

3. empathy

4. you will help them out of love

5. you will not keep score of who did what either.

life almost feels too perfect at times.

6. expect nothing in return

7. Do whatever because its in there highest good and you want to do it.

8. they tell you the truth because they love you.

My advice is give from the heart and Only do the things that you will not regret or feel negative feelings about later.


Your Mother from ancient times.



Copyright, D. Nefertiti., all rights reserved,

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